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Carol D'Arcy


Carol D'Arcy is fascinated with the un-ending textures, potentials, perspectives and themes of paint and painting. As a child, she was greatly influenced by her father, watching him each day as he settled into quiet with brush and canvas. Further influence by Turner, Monet, Renoir and Rembrandt, she won her first art prize at 16 years old with a painting of the Lithgow Coal Mine in the Blue Mountains New South Wales. Born in England, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Carols family emigrated to Australia when she was 14. 

Gravitating towards oil paint, Carol developed her skills painting with any medium available to her. "Most art, when represented in two dimensions, requires an intimate exploration of the abstract. This understanding is both the gold and the bane of all her work. The tension between the finest of representational art, as with her first loves; and the impressionists, and the placing of the abstract into the field. Colour, value, tone and the inherent infinite complexities therein are a marker of her exploration. 

"I follow my intuition, but that does not mean that I have not studied, nor that I will not continue to study. Not that I don't define the work, it is just that art is unfathomable in it is actual potential expression, and at a given point I have to let go and just paint. Try painting one painting with one palette and then do it again with another. You will have wholly different result. And so I remain, quite challenged and intriqued. 


Her paintings have sold nationally and internationally. Every now and then she exhibits in sole exhibitions.

Situated in The Gold Coast Hinterland, Carol has painted whilst raising her two children with her husband Joe. She is currently Co-Director of The Gold Coast Gestalt Centre.  

around the world.


Their artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. They are never content with standing still and are always looking for their next engaging project.

Carol D'Arcy - Artist

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