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Darcy Doyle Awards 2021.

Once a year, excluding lockdown in pandemics, here in little Mudgeeraba, there is a celebration of a local artist who was known as Darcy Doyle. The exhibition attracts artists and people from far and wide and is always chocka-block, full of art, of all kinds. Beginners and seasoned artists alike, compete for the great landscape prize And several others for still life, portrait etc.

In the years I‘ve lived here, I’ve become very fond of a field called Firth Park. It’s large, tree-ed, and always lush and green. In rain, it easily becomes a wetland, and looks to the foothills of Springbrook Mountain.

After a particularly heavy flooding rain, our house got flooded at one end. After the clean-up I had to pop to the shops to get some food supplies. Despite the downpour and personal funk, I was still struck by the beauty of the field and once again pledged to paint it.

I’d heard that the field is to be developed and I can’t tell you how much this saddened me.

As soon as I could, I gathered palette knife and large brushes, determined to represent one of my favourite places. The canvas is large, 60cms (width) X 150coms (ht) and I loved painting it over the next couple of days.

Joe and I had to take time away as my brother had tragically passed, after a short struggle with cancer. It was a very tough time for the whole family and took us away for a couple of weeks. Luckily my lovely daughter grabbed the work to be exhibit for me and popped them into the show.

Not much could have cheered me really, though we did get home in time to see the exhibition. ……imagine my surprise when I heard that The Gold Coast City Council had decided to purchase the work called Firth Park in Flood. Ironic really. As it’s the same who I imagine have released development plans for the park. I wasn’t alone though. The good folk who caught me saying goodbye to it, talked at length about the irony too.

Surface to say, the painting is personal. Art is life and life is art. The political is personal I heard, but I’m still scratching my head. I hope the painting gives as much joy to it’s viewers as the field has given me over time.

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