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Art is Personal. Like Water Through Time.

Finially Joe and I embarked on a short and sweet holiday of 5days, at the Sunshine Coast. Whilst here another Covid outbreak occurred, so we decided to extend and stay for an extra week. How profoundly this COVID virus has impacted us all, but hey, I have to say, I like being at the beach. As Gestaltists we managed to do phone/zoom with many of our clients, so it has transformed into working holiday.

Because of the brevity of our initial plan, I left my paint gear at home!!! It really feels weird to be without them after a few days. So I’ve settled with

iPad and pencil and exploring a new medium instead. Like a child in a Lolly shop, I’m all excited and urgent to refine the brush, paint and layers in a digital format. My first thoughts being “I want my real paints.”

I really like it though. Beyond my usual need to feel the paint, brush and canvas in real life, and loving that contact, there is a potential for it on digital media. The work of creating still resides with me, and each piece is different, as in real life. Sketching and design is easy as the mess is so limited to this electronic device and page on an iPad.

Plus it feels so disposable it actually costs nothing to destroy any piece. No wasted canvas or paint, just pixels which are infinitely replaceable.

Of course, the best pieces will be printable and available for sale. The first one (above) was a doodle really to begin, but as I let this piece emerge, this woman reminded me of my dear mum, Wendy. Here she is ageless and with me through time. I miss her still, but LOVE how she is so in the ocean of my psyche and she just turned up on the page. So this one is named “Like Water Through Time.”

If you are interested in a print, please do contact me.

Blessed be, Be blessed And much love.


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